We Were Stranger Once Too

“We Were Strangers Once Too” New York City Art

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“We Were Strangers Too” presents a New York City Art data sculpture located in Times Square

We Were Strangers Once Too is part of the New York City Art movement sponsored in part by the city of New York. The experience and art depict the experiences and sacrifices of different people from other countries. New York City is always up-to-date for some of the most spectacular artistic experiences. There were many immigrant groups who contributed to New York’s makeup. In addition, the monument represents the development of New York City. Also, the shape has 33 metal poles representing different groups of immigrants in New York City Times Square.

Times Square Art – We Were Strangers Once Too Urban Design Forum (We Were Strangers Once Too) is an independent membership organization that advances bold solutions to urban challenges. The forum’s fellows are architects, landscape architects, and planners.  Also, the Forum managers, developers,  and directs traffic to public officials, scholars, and activists resources and relationships. Urban Design Forum gathers designers, planners, developers and civic leaders to debate the defining issues facing our cities.

Dates Showing:
February 7 – March 6, 2017

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