Times Square Taekwondo

Times Square Taekwondo 2016 – @NYTTF

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You turn the corner, and there is a Times Square Taekwondo Festival

For example, there were many organizations and youth groups participating in the event in New York City.  This event is larger than life.  Also, Times Square Taekwondo was created to provide an alternative mental and physical development for the youth.

Times Square Taekwondo As an Alternative to the Kids


  1. Advanced Taekwondo curriculum development.
  2. WTTF (World Taekwondo Education Foundation) Training program includes character development to produce outstanding leaders.
  3. Promoting Taekwondo as the regular curriculum WTEF in the U.S. Public school system.
  4. Spreading the educational programs of the LDCs WTEF
  5. Also, complete the development of succession and toughness which is developed by the spirit of Youth Taekwondo.


  1. Develop a program that allows for young people to fulfill their dreams through Taekwondo training.
  2. Also, cultivate the mentality to overcome the difficult process of taekwondo training.
  3. Alter the thinking of young people through Taekwondo training.
  4. In addition, it gives hope and dreams with goals in mind for youth through Taekwondo training.

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