3 Ways to Prevent Sugar Consumption in New York City

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Kind, who makes fruit nut-bars placed 45,485 pounds of sugar in the middle of Times Square to create awareness of sugar consumption in New York and the rest of USA.

The company placed the marketing genius idea of sugar consumption in New York City to demonstrate one fact; kids in the United States consume 45,485 pounds of sugar EVERY 5 MINUTES.

“Sugar is everywhere. It’s in Nutri-Bars, juices, soda, desserts, preserved foods. It’s everywhere and it’s becoming more and more difficult to avoid it. We have made it super easy for children to access sugar in their everyday diet.”

mentioned Steven S., Ph.D. student at Columbia University. Students like Steven are focused on doing research and come up with ways to alleviate this sugar epidemy. We should shift our focus on three areas; brand awareness, education, and network outreach. While social medial and marketing campaigns cloud our judgement, education is the number one factor in initiating a mental change.

Brand Awareness – Let’s make it obvious which brands are good and which ones are bad.

We need to educate our children to distinguish between quality brands and cheap brands. One observation made by analysts in several educational institutions is how brands use color to attract younger audiences. The more color – the more sugar.

Education – what are good foods. what are bad. which exercise is best for which body types.

Teaching your children, spouse, how to diet is no easy task. Half the population doesn’t understand good from evil in terms of quality of food. We must continue to educate through books, seminars.

Network and Outreach

These dysfunctions can lead to obesity, high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, and decreased HDL. But worse – this is an addiction and must be treated like one. You need a Network of people who have the same lifestyle intentions and are trying to overcome the same problem. Get help. Build a fort around you.

The high-level consumption of sugar in New York (or anywhere else) causes metabolic dysfunction which causes metabolic syndrome.

Other issues that may arise from sugar consumption:

| Highly addictive
| Liver Overload
| Insulin resistance – a major cause of diabetes
| Promotes Fat

Watch: 45,485 pounds in Times Square video

New York Health Highlight – Edward A. Reynolds West Side High School

As a New York City company, we are proud to highlight one of the top healthiest schools in America. The Edward A. Reynolds West Side High School was ranked top 10 healthiest schools in the USA. Their wellness statement online specifies that:

West Side High School Policy for Snacks and Parties
(Adapted from resources from The Alliance for a Healthier Generation)

All foods and beverages served and offered to students during the school day and during the extended school day meet or exceed the USDA’s Smart Snacks in School nutrition standards. This includes snacks for a family group or for a class that are not part of a federally reimbursed child nutrition program, birthday parties, holiday parties, and other school-wide celebrations.”

Congratulations Edward A. Reynolds West Side High School!

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