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What Can We Learn From New York Yoga? – Yoga Poses Threat on Stress

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Yoga Poses Threat on Stress – Hundreds of people gathered in Times Square for Yoga sessions.

Midsummer. The time when the sun reaches its highest altitude. It was also the time when we all decided to ride our bikes at the park, or a few full-court games down the block as kids. Inevitably, if you didn’t drink enough water, you could pass out. This happened once a year on the summer solstice. In New York City we celebrate the day of Summer Solstice with a humongous gathering to do Yoga. The event Solstice in New York City: Mind Over Madness Yoga is literally tons of fun and full of madness. People who participate receive a disposable mat for difficult yoga poses, and although not confirmed, you also get a foam roller.

What Can We Learn From New York Yoga? – Street New York Yoga Poses Threat on Stress

Yoga possesses a connection of the body and spirit through a ritual of physical and mental exercises. Also, yoga naturally encourages peaceful living. Because the practice originated in ancient Asia, Yoga has a heavy Hinduism and Buddhism influence.

Why Yoga Poses a Threat To Stress?

  • relaxation exercises
  • morning routine
  • break monotony from work
  • spiritual connection
  • earth-to-mind

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