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Wheels in NYC – Ural Military Motorcycle

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Awesome Metal Gear Wheels in NYC

Not going to lie.  When I decided to take a break from shooting marketing videos all day, I didn’t think to run into military vehicles.  This place has taught us one thing – you can never have an uneventful day in NYC. Even at 6 a.m. when you least expect these wheels in NYC.

The transport looked like it was ready out of a M*A*S*H* episode. This is some cool metal gear in New York City (of all cities). Every time we see these Ural motorcycles with the side-car one of us says “I need to get me one of those like TODAY. Who knows if one day there might be a zombie apocalypse and need to mount a Garlin. These wheels in NYC can be purchased today.

Where to buy these Ural-like jeeps and motorcycles or any wheels in NYC:

Filipacchi Motors (Sales)
23 Prince St., New York, NY 10012, USA

(212) 401-6945

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