The Line for Broadway Cheap Tickets is Insane

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The best remedy is to do your research to find Broadway Cheap Tickets.

Completely frustrated.  My cousin was visiting from Out of the Country and wanted some Broadway Cheap Tickets for whatever popular event he heard of in central Europe.  My guess was the “Book of Mormon” of “Lion King”.  One of the interesting things about Times Square is a number of foreigners who come we history-driven purpose.  For instance, my wife dreamt of seeing the Lion King over any other Broadway show out there.

Me, on the other hand, was looking for more of a jaw-dropping laugh like “The Book of Mormon”. Probably one of the Top Things to Do in New York City. The idea was to get some last-minute cheap tickets and score a good seat. Instead, we encounter a huge line waiting for cheap tickets.

See video of the line below.

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