CNN Facebook Hacked by OurMine Security Group

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Hacked by OurMine – A Common Trend

We had our Times Square morning coffee and stumbled across a post by CNN.  The CNN Facebook hacked profile of the large news company was hacked by OurMine Online Security Group.

OurMine Security Group is a hacker group. Thanks to recent internet security issues, we have seen the level of quality increase.  As a result, the group uses hacks of celebrity internet accounts to advertise their commercial services.  Recently, the group took over the Marvel’s twitter accounts.  The post said, “Hey, it’s OurMine we are just testing your security, please contact us for more information.”

 This is not an uncommon technique these days.  “We are seeing a higher number of security breaches like this in recent times,” stated Seth Hawkins, COO of Dominican Commerce.  Also added, “The problem presented also encourages us to increase the quality of Tech Security.”

As a matter of fact, some say OURMINE has gotten away from hacking and now focusing on tech security.  However it may be, these guys are just straight clever.  In recent years, we’ve increased our internet presence by more than double.  We believe internet security should be a top priority.

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