“A Fancy Animal Carnival” by Hung Yin

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“Fancy Animal Carnival” was created by the Taiwanese artist Hung Yin.

Each of the animals has a narrative including traditional Taiwanese symbols. The art reflects heavily on people, culture, and also religion.  Hung Yin also depicts some of the artist’s personal experiences and observations of people’s everyday lives.

Fancy Animal Carnival

The exhibition depicts large animals with a Carnival feel.  As a result, people from all over the world stop to take pictures and experience the art.  There are a large number of tourists who enjoy the colorful art and depiction.  Jin Lee, a tourist by-standard described the art as “lovely, colorful, and extravagant.”  We couldn’t agree more with Jin.  We also think it has courage.

We particularly love the bright colors and the carnival feeling. In addition, the exhibition brings a good cultural vibe to the city.

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