Citi Ball Pit Times Square Entertainment

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A gigantic Citi Ball Pit setup right in the middle of Times Square.

Citi set up a really cool Citi ball pit station in the middle of Times Square as part of a company-customer experience. In fact, the play-stations were in front of the digital United States flag by the New York Police Department Times Square precinct.  Technically, the event was held in front of 1500 Broadway.

The Need for Creativity in the Citi Ball Pit.

Random people and customers alike can come up and dive into the Citi Ball Pit.  Some of the contestants received prizes based on courage and creativity. Of course, some of the most creative jumps varied between Diving back elbow drop, Dragonrana, and the Phoenixrana.  Also, some even tried the Meteora, the Diving leg drop bulldog, the Moonsault leg drop, or the Somersault leg drop.

The line to jump into the pit was relatively short, and Citi also integrated the experience with an online video and picture photo booth to speed-up the process.  In fact, you are able to send a pic or video of the dive directly from the photo booth.


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